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Why You Need to Purchase a CPAP Chin Strap

If you suffer from sleep apnea, snoring, or some type of respiratory disorder, the odds are that your physician has recommended the use of a CPAP machine. Often when individuals use the sleep device they have problems with mouth breathing, which may need to be corrected with the use of a CPAP chin strap.  A CPAP chin strap typically consists of a piece of fabric that’s often fitted with Velcro and can be secured to the top of the head and the lower jaw.   Some models of the CPAP chin strap will have a cup that’s placed at the chin, similar in appearance to the headgear that’s used for rugby.  These straps will work by keeping the patient’s mouth closed, allowing them to get the full benefit of the CPAP machine.

Who Needs to Use a CPAP Chin Strap?

Not every person that uses a CPAP machine will need to use a chin strap. Often, most people aren’t even aware that they need one, until they receive feedback from their partner.  If it’s noticed that a person breathes through their mouth when sleeping, the person will most likely need to use a strap in order to keep air from escaping through the mouth.  Also, if a person wakes up with a painful throat and dry mouth, this can suggest the need for a CPAP chinstrap.

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There are some instances in which a person might not want to use one of these devices. If the user has a deviated septum, congestion or if the pressure on the CPAP machine isn’t set correctly then they may not be receiving enough air administered through the mask. In this event, closing the mouth firmly with the use of a strap can be the wrong type of approach.  It’s also important to speak with a medical equipment provider or a physician before an individual tries a model of chin strap on their own.

A PAP strap is meant to be used in conjunction with the CPAP machines. The reason behind this is that if a person sleeps with their mouth open the CPAP or BIPAP machine can cause a person to frequently awaken throughout the night due to the loss of comfort that’s caused by bloating, dry mouth, sore throat or nasal congestion.

What is the Cost of Using this CPAP Machine Accessory

Straps are relatively inexpensive and can be worth the money when you take into consideration how expensive BIPAP or CPAP machines can be.

Most straps are made from material that easily stretches and will not irritate the skin. There are a number of varieties of straps to choose from, so it’s important that you try on different sizes in order to get the most optimal fit.

If you’re not prone to sleeping with your mouth open, then there’s no reason you’ll have to use a CPAP chin strap during the hours of rest.

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